Our Methodology 

Strategy Development

We use a phased approach, working with your business users to analyse and articulate a data strategy to generate rapid incremental value.

Each phase represents a logical decision gate for the next. The Discovery phase will determine the options for the Strategy (go/no-go, cultural considerations, timeframes, external factors, etc.) Roadmapping lays out the investment plan, key initiatives, priorities and schedule.

Six Steps to Becoming an Insights-Driven Business

1. Ensure that data is managed and used as an asset

– Make sure all data resources are positioned in such a way that they can be used, shared and moved easily and efficiently

– Legal and ethical use of data – because we can doesn’t mean we should


2. Establish common methods, practices and processes

– manage, manipulate and share data across the company in a repeatable manner

– working together with ever single department to design a common way to acquire, store, manage, share and use data

– culture adapts to a data-driven way of thinking and decision making, through facilitating conversation and sharing decisions and successes.


3. Ensure that the goals and objectives to use data effectively and efficiently are aligned with business strategy

– Business optimisation

– New markets & products

– Customer understanding

– Competitive advantage – innovation and first-mover advantage

– Regulatory compliance

– Risk identification & mitigation


4. Have a clear objective to turn data into actionable insights

– to set out how you want to use data in practice, clarify your top data priorities, and chart a course for reaching your goals (Defined Use Cases).

– what kind of data you need, where you'll source that data, how you'll store and analyze the data


5. Know how it will solve an actual problem or create a new business opportunity that will generate revenues or profit


6. Focus your data efforts & investment where it matters most 

– The data strategy helps you drill down to your core business needs and create an achievable plan for the future.

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