Continuous Data Intelligence



My clients are constantly seeking new ways to improve or automate their decision making processes, predict outcomes and take rapid actions to keep them one step ahead of their competitors.

It really does not matter what industry you are in, having a corporate Data & Analytics Strategy is a great way to establish and communicate a cohesive vision and practical mission for your data-related projects. Bring the entire workforce along the journey to becoming a data-driven organisation, with a clear roadmap of defined initiatives to build and improve your capability and maturity. 

Armed with this newly built or enhanced data capability, your understanding and insights into the changing patterns of customer or market behaviours will prepare your organisation to make informed decisions and proactive responses ahead of your competition. Contact me today to find out how 'Continuous Data Intelligence' can keep you well ahead of the game and provide high-value products and services to meet your customer demands.

No 'Ivory Tower' consulting, just practical and pragmatic solutions to ensure your outcomes are achieved when you need them.

As an Entrepreneur and Initiative Taker, I actively encourage innovation, supporting agile prototyping, exploring new ideas and testing hypotheses. I founded InfoStrategy as a platform to deliver data and analytics strategy, architecture and governance consulting. The latter focused more on the ethical use of data for the broader good, and how data science teams can be reliable custodians of the data they use every day.

My clients appreciate my results-driven focus and being eager to learn, open to new ideas and technologies and adaptable to the fast-changing and increasingly complex business environment.

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Real-world experience in solving complex information management challenges.


Short Bio

I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing companies, across a range of sectors, both in Australia and Europe. Working for 'big-4' consulting firms has shaped and honed my skills as a management consultant and leader in tackling the most challenging of business problems. With the support of some very talented and professional teams, I have directed a number of rewarding projects and initiatives during my career, most recently in establishing and running data science / insights organisations, and leading data architecture teams for blue-chip organisations.

Since establishing InfoStrategy in 2012, I have worked with clients across Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, Entertainment & Gaming, Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare and State Government.


My Career Journey

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For a no-obligation discussion on how I may be able to help your organisation on it's Data Journey, please contact me using the form below.