Strategy Development Clients

Insights and Actions Strategy


With new corporate strategy focused around the Customer, Aurora embarked on developing a deeper understanding of their customer. Responding proactively to address their energy needs today and into the future.

The Customer Insights and Actions strategy was developed to leverage new marketing frameworks and advances in technology to collect, store and analyse customer interactions to predict potential outcomes and respond accordingly.

The strategy was designed to leverage Customer Intelligence Platform solutions to gain a full '360-degree' view of Customer, whilst managing the constantly changing circumstances surrounding them (such as relationships, lifestyle, employment, marital status, home, etc.)

Data Strategy


A highly innovative Energy Retailer and Services firm looking to move to the next stage of its journey by leveraging and exploiting data assets to benefit customers.

Calling for a highly pragmatic strategy and roadmap, the focus being to deliver a rapid route to market for new data-related products and services. The strategy included the identification and collection of external data for enrichment and detailed analytics.

BI & Analytics Strategy


The healthcare, research and education divisions of the Mater were using disparate and isolated methods of reporting and analytics. While the use cases were different, it was important to unite and standardise the use of data across the group.

Defining a strategy which allowed for the lowest common denominator of data to form the foundation of reporting across operational, management and advanced analytics capabilities. Identification of technology platforms which would help unite the data across applications, alongside new methods and processes to ensure appropriate governance and shared information outcomes.

Cloud BI & Analytics Strategy


RACQ Technology embarked on a 'cloud-first' policy for all its new applications and solutions. The strategy was designed to describe the roadmap needed to transition from a traditional on-premise BI data warehouse reporting environment to a cloud-based, dynamic and self-service analytics platform.

Working closely with partners (AWS and CloudTrek) an early design based on 'data lake' methods was introduced to rapidly collect, store, model and serve data in ways not possible in the traditional environment. The new environment would also serve as a 'sandpit' to test and launch new innovations.

The work included presenting the new strategy with Group Executive and the Board of RACQ, to ensure buy-in and approval to move to implementation.

Queensland Treasury - Insurance Commission


Work with the Insurance Commissioner to develop a BI & Analytics strategy focused on extending the reporting framework to include actuarial (predictive) analytics.

Focus on establishing technology short-list and methodologies for the in-house team to implement.