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COVID-19 Update

In order to continue to provide our excellent consulting and advisory services to customers, our business model has changed to incorporate online and remote consulting capabilities. 

We can apply all of the typical consulting engagements via online surveys, FaceTime on-on-one consults, and VR group workshops. 

Your business does not have to stop as a result of this virus, let's get through this together.

Ricky Barron, Director.

Regardless of what industry you are in, having a corporate Data & Analytics Strategy is a great way to establish and communicate a cohesive vision and practical mission for your data-related projects. Bring the entire workforce along the journey to becoming an insights-driven organisation, with a clear roadmap of defined initiatives to build and improve your capability and maturity.

Our Services

Strategy Development

We examine industry trends, what others are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this data-driven world, and which ones are doing it best. We then strategise using proven methods and tools in order to optimise how our clients use data to maximum advantage.


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Data Governance, Ethics & Standards

With years of Information Management experience, we have the capabilities and expertise to ensure you collect, manage and use data safely, appropriately and cost effectively. Ensuring compliance with current and future regulations around data use, protecting personal information and customer privacy concerns. 


At InfoStrategy, we help our clients balance the risks and rewards of using data.

Information / Data Architecture

We work with our clients to understand and document what data they have, its location and how best to access it. From developing blueprints and investment roadmaps, to data flow and reference models, we provide the insights into your data assets both now and into the future.

Management Consulting

As experts in data, we can provide your organisation with the support and services you need. We consult with clients on the state of their BI & Analytics technologies, Information Capability Maturity, Data Quality, Skills and Operating models. Our clients better understand the impact data has on their business and how to respond effectively.

Rapid Data Strategy Service
Kick start your data strategy in just 2 weeks!

You select a specific use case, and with minimal disruption to your staff, we will gather insights into your use and management of data, how well aligned with business strategy, identify opportunities and recommend options to better leverage your data for strategic advantage.

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